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                Steel Plate面料系列

                米灰色小荔枝皮纹商业区公▲共卫生间隔断面板卐pvc覆膜板外用金属墙面∑※ ...

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                vcm覆膜〖板是钢板材料,又称彩◢色薄板。 vcm覆膜板★是先将 vcm板送入金属基板加热装置内加热至180° C高温,然⌒ 后立即将 VCM装饰膜送入上下覆合辊中间,利用上下覆合辊的压力和高温,使 vcm板装饰膜热熔到金属基板上,牢固地在一起,并将 vcm装饰膜置于上下覆合辊中间,利用上下覆合辊的压力和高温,使 vcm板装饰膜的热熔牢固。pvc覆膜板采用高温压制复合而成,其致密、强度高,韧性强。静态弯曲强♂度比木材高一倍以上。覆膜宽,接合部位少,与铝钢模板相比,支撑和拆ぷ卸的速度要快很多。与此同时,它的建设成本也比较低,能有效地缩短工期。此外,这种材质更轻便㊣ 】,剪钉性能更好,因此使用起来非常方便,速度也会更快◤。pvc覆膜板的耐水性很╲强,在制造过程中,层板都用酚■醛树脂,然后热压,所以面板使用后不易变形。与此同时,它的热导率远低于钢膜,所以在夏季︻和冬季均可正常施工。就周转率而言,覆膜板比一般的建筑模板要高得多。很明显,这类材料的应用范围非常广泛,不管是剪力墙、地铁、立交桥、隧道或其他类型的◣建筑。

                The vcm coated sheet is a steel plate material, also known as the color sheet.The vcm coating board is to first heat the vcm plate into the metal substrate heating device to 180 C high temperature, and then immediately send the VCM decorative film into the middle of the upper and lower covering roller, using the pressure and high temperature of the upper and lower covering roller, the vcm plate decorative film hot melt to the metal substrate, firmly together, and the vcm decorative film in the middle of the upper and lower covering roll, using the pressure and high temperature of the vcm plate decorative film heat melt firmly.The pvc film mulching plate is made of high temperature suppression composite, which is dense, high strength and strong toughness.Static bending strength is more than twice as high as that of wood.Wide film, less joints, and aluminum steel formwork, support and disassembly speed is much faster.At the same time, its construction cost is also relatively low, which can effectively shorten the construction period.In addition, the material is lighter and cut nails better, so it is very convenient to use and faster.The water resistance of pvc coated plate is very strong. During the manufacturing process, the laminates are made of phenolic resin and then hot pressed, so the panel is not easy to deform after use.At the same time, its thermal conductivity is much lower than the steel film, so it can be constructed normally in both summer and winter.In terms of the turnover rate, the coated panels are much higher than the average building template.It is clear that such materials are widely used, whether it is shear walls, subways, overpasses, tunnels, or other types of buildings.